Frequently asked questions and answers

Suto is a fan art based artist. This means that only fan art can be commissioned.
Examples: Anime, Marvel, Disney, Zelda, etc.

  1. Place your custom order via the form.
  2. Pay invoice in full.
  3. Artist will send you an estimated completion date.
  4. A few days before the project is started, the artist will reach out to confirm concept of art.
  5. When the art is complete and is ready to be shipped, you will receive a notification email. The tracking number will also be included.

All sales are final without question. No refund will be given.

Custom Canvas Art?
Orders are determined on artist booking schedule. Generally wait times never surpass 3 months but ETA’s are established during the invoice process. If you need a RUSH ORDER for holidays, birthdays, etc. You can always opt in for VIP access to push your order to the front of the waiting list. (VIP option is available in the inquiry form.)

Custom Shoes?
Same process as custom canvas art but wait times are generally smaller.

What is considered Non-Custom?
All items bought on the shop page are considered “non custom” items. This is pertaining to sneakers or canvases bought outright from the shop with designs that are pre determined.

Shipping Time & Processing Time?
If you purchase pre set designs from the shop like “Deku AF1” there will still be a waiting que for your order as each order is hand crafted at time of purchase. Tracking will be located in your dashboard. 

Print Shipping & Processing Time?
If you have purchased one of the limited monthly print drops in the shop your order will be accounted for and shipped at the beginning of the following month. Because each print drop is only available for one month, each drop will be bulk shipped at the beginning of the following month (example: if you purchase Jan 4th your order will be shipped the first week of Feb.)

Shop Accessories/Apparel?
All other shop items are generally shipped a week after completed purchase, you should receive an email with an estimated ship date within that same week.


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